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November 6, 2021
Big Ass Horny Girl Using Adult Baby Diaper
Nanny London Will Put You In Your Diaper
November 7, 2021

abdl mommy

I am Amanda and I am a mommy who works at phone a mommy and I am happy that you took the time to call me, Jerry so we can role-play and have a lot of fun.  As an adult baby diaper lover, I know that you can enjoy a lot of things that we can do together. If you want to pretend that I am a sexy and sultry granny, then there is no issue with that as we can do granny phone sex. If you want to have me tie your little penis up, also known as your clitty cock in either rubber bands or have you lock yourself up all nice and tight in a cock cage,  we can engage in diaper bdsm roleplay.  Whatever I can think of we will do and you are going to absolutely love it.  I want to make you know that when you play with me, Mommy Amanda the world of ABDL will be open to you.

Just lay here next to me, Jerry and let me give you a treat.  You have been such a good boy lately and I want to award you with something so warm and soft. I want to have you cover your eyes and let you try to figure out what it is and I will be so happy when you do.  Here it is, I have just placed it in your hand and it is warm, soft, squishy and it has something puffy at the tip that will soon turn hard. I can see your mouth salivating and looking at your crotch in the diaper that I placed on you, I can see you getting hard.  I know that you know what is it is and I want to hear you beg me for it.  Don’t be afraid to say it as I want to here you tell it to me loud and clear, so say it! Yes, that is it – that is what I want to hear, I want to hear you beg me for my tit.

As you want it and you have been such a good boy, sweet Jerry – I am going to take my sweet and succulent tit and put it in your gaping and hungry mouth.  You are now allowed to suck my marvelous tit and don’t you dare bite down hard on it or I will have no choice but to punish you You will suck it so softly and you will suck it slowly and you will take your other hand and place it on my other tit and you will fondle it and massage it until I get my rockers off by getting my sweet cunt nice and wet.  I want to squat over you with my dripping cunt and have the droplets fall into your mouth and you will have to swallow everything down in your mouth.  I expect you to take big sips of me – and understand that this is a gift as you were good so therefore this is your reward.

Don’t you ever forget about your delicious Mommy Amanda and as soon as you think of me, you need to call me at 888-430-2010.



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