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March 20, 2023
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Mommy Amanda Loves Her Diaper Babies

Mommy Amanda Loves Her Diaper Babies: There are so many reasons my diaper babies choose to wear their diapers, and I love them all, no matter what. Some of my diaper lovers are full-time diaper babies, and some are part-time. Some of my diaper babies wear them because they love them and they make them feel safe, comfy, and secure, and some of them wear them because they can’t seem to make it to the bathroom on time or they just don’t want to. Some of my diaper-loving babies are proud diaper lovers, and they are in love with the diaper-loving lifestyle. Some of my diaper-loving babies really like having their own special diaper-loving secret that no one else even knows about except me and them. Some of my diaper-loving babies are totally embarrassed about the fact that they wear their diapers, and some are ashamed that they love the feeling of being in a diaper so damn much. There is such a wide range of reasons and motivations behind my diaper-loving babies and why they wear their diapers.

Some of my diaper babies aren’t babies at all. They want to be called grown men. Even though they are wearing diapers under their grown men’s clothes, and even though they like to be held, changed, and cuddled like a sweet little baby, I have this one diaper lover, Paul, who practices law in the daytime and practices baby life in the evenings. He walks around all day at the courthouse in his fancy suit and tie, his grown man pants, and his grown man shoes, and he wears a blue diaper with choo choo trains or airplanes underneath his big boy suit. He loves the fact that he’s so grown up and powerful at work, that he has a low firm where a lot of people have to answer to him all day, that he gets to boss people around throughout the day, and that he’s wearing a little baby boy diaper under his professional clothes that no one even knows anything about. There’s something special and mysterious to him, and there’s something a little exciting about having this little baby secret that would definitely be a shocker to other people if they found out.

My diaper baby Jason loves to wear his diaper 24 hours per day, and he doesn’t care who knows. He says it makes him feel safe, loved, and comfy when he wears his diapers, just like when he was a little baby. He remembers the feeling of having his mom pick him up, check his diaper, and lay him down to change him. He would look around while she went to grab all the stuff she needed to get him all cleaned up and changed. He liked watching his mommy walk around and gather the things she needed, and he always got excited when she walked back over to him. She would smile and talk sweetly to him and make him feel really good.

When she opened his diaper and wiped him down with a warm, wet washcloth, it always felt good and got him extra excited. He can still remember that exciting, comforting feeling, and it brings back memories when he feels it to this day. I have sweet memories of being loved and cared for by my mom, and he loves to recreate those feelings all the time in his adult baby life now. He used to just love it when his mommy would take the baby oil from the bottle, pour a little bit into her hands, and rub them together vigorously. She would tell him that she was getting the baby oil all nice and warmed up for her sweet little baby. This would excite him because he was anticipating the warm tingly feeling that he always felt when her hands finally met his little body and rubbed him down with the nice soothing warm oil. Then would come the ticky-tingly part, the baby powder. Diaper baby Jason loves the feeling of having baby powder sprinkled on his wee wee, between his thighs, and on his butt cheeks. The feeling always makes him giggle, which makes his mommy giggle too, and it’s just a special and fun time for him and mommy. I love to help my sweet baby recreate this feeling by doing all the loving and caring things that his mommy used to do for him when he was a tiny little baby. It makes him grateful and happy, and he loves to give me cuddles and kisses to thank me.

My diaper Baby Sam likes to be a naughty little diaper boy. He likes to wear his diaper all throughout the day, and when he gets excited, his wee wee gets hard in his diaper, which he tells me. He likes the feeling of getting excited when he’s wearing his diaper, and he really loves to rub the outside of his diaper to get himself even more excited. He likes when mommy watches him rub his diaper, and he likes for mommy to tell him how to rub it. Sam loves to tease himself for a long time, getting harder and harder inside his diaper, and he loves the feeling of the warm, squishy wetness when he pee-pees in his diaper too. The warm, soggy wetness rubbing up against his rock-hard wee makes mommy excited, and that makes Sam even more excited. Baby Sam asks Mommy Amanda if he can suck on mommy’s nipples while he rubs his wee wee in his diaper, and of course I tell him yes. When baby Sam suckers on mommy’s nipples, he gets so excited that he can hardly control himself any more. He starts to breathe really heavily and suck on Mom’s nipples harder. He gets so worked up that he makes cummies on his diaper and gets it even messier and more squishy than it already was to begin with. After baby Sam makes cummies in his diaper, he likes to lie there in his fluids for a while and just enjoy it. Then, when he’s ready, mommy changes him into a nice, clean, fresh diaper.

Baby boy Brandon likes to be a dirty little diaper boy. He likes to let his diaper fill up to capacity with pee, poo, and cummies too. He likes the warm, squishy feeling of his wet and dirty diaper, and he loves to see how much his diaper can take before it just can’t take any more. Baby boy Brandon just loves to push his diapers to the limit every time he puts one on. He loves to live on the edge, and it’s exciting for him to see what will happen next. When he makes a big, explosive mess, he likes to have his mommy come and tell him it’s ok, then watch her clean it all up. When mommy cleans up baby boy Brandon’s diaper mess, it feels so good to him to get all nice and clean. He likes to thank mommy with a big hug, cuddles, and a kiss. It makes him happy when mommy gets him all clean after a big dirty diaper mess. Click Here

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