Milk Milk Milk
September 25, 2008
Mommy’s New House
October 7, 2008

You need a special mommy that understands you as the unique adult baby that you are! There are a variety of ways that each adult baby or diaper lover may want to live out their fantasy and Mommy Ava has that tender loving care. Mommy Phone Sex with Mommy Ava explores age play in an entertainment forum that’s safe and comfortable. Mommy is sexy, soothing, and gentle with all her babies because she loves them so much. Mommy will pamper you, powder your bottom, and diaper you. Crawl up onto the changing table so we get that wet messy diaper off your delicate bottom and make baby feel fresh and clean! Your sexual release happens when you let mommy take over to satisfy your needs and your helplessness. Experience Mommy Ava and let go of the boring real world and come into mine where you’ll experience trust, intimacy, and fantasy infancy because a good mommy makes you feel secure, safe, and adored. But when baby is bad, mommy will have to punish him by giving him a good spanking!!

Ava 1 888 430-2010

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