Brenda’s Boss Has Secrets (Part 3)
February 25, 2023
Phillip Becomes Brenda's Sissy! (Part 1)
Phillip Becomes Brenda’s Sissy! (Part 1)
March 5, 2023


Mommy Candy Seduces you


Mommy has noticed you staring at her and trying to catch glimpses of her when she comes out of the shower in just a towel. And mommy just loves teasing you. Seeing you get all flustered and turn bright red and seeing your eyes get huge when mommy leans forward and her towel opens slightly all makes mommy giggle.

Mommy makes her way into her bedroom, leaving the door slightly ajar. Mommy glances back over her shoulder and sees you watching. Mommy slowly lets the towel drop to the floor at her feet. As mommy steps away from it, mommy bends over the bed and reaches for her robe. Knowing your eyes are glued to mommy’s bare bottom

Mommy snickers as she hears you gasp loudly. Knowing you are entranced, mommy wiggles her backside and slowly stands up. Mommy turns around, facing you completely naked. Mommy’s hard nipples point right at you. A groan escapes your parted lips, and mommy glances down and sees a hard lump forming in the crotch of your pants.

Mommy beckons you to come closer, into mommy’s room. You stumble forward, mouth hanging open, all but drooling. Mommy reaches out to you and lets her hand brush gently against your hard cock. You suck your breath in and almost fall to your knees.

Mommy steadies you and turns you to sit on the edge of the bed. As you sink into the mattress, mommy pushes you back to lay against the bed. Mommy slides her hand up your thigh and over your crotch to your pants button and zipper. Mommy looks into your eyes and licks her lips as she undoes your pants.

Mommy smiles as she sees your eyes drop and linger on mommy’s big titties before looking down at mommy’s hand sliding inside your pants and boxers. Your hips buck as you feel mommy’s hand wrap around your throbbing dick. Mommy tightens her grip and starts stroking your young cock.

Mommy frees your dick and sees that it’s glistening with pre-cum. Mommy leans down and flicks her tongue over the wet slit, tasting you. Your legs stiffen, as does your already hard cock, and mommy opens her mouth to wrap her lips around the head. Mommy starts sucking, and you lose all control and choke hard down mommy’s throat.

Mommy swallows every drop, then licks her lips and looks at you with an amused expression. Mommy tells you not to worry; you will last longer next time. Mommy laughs at your stunned expression and turns and walks away seductively, leaving you panting on the bed.

Would you like to have mommy tease you?  Would you like mommy to suck your hard cock and make you cum for her? Mmm, would you like to fuck mommy? If you feel a twitch in your dick, then the answer is definitely yes. Call Mommy Candy anytime to play, and Mommy will make you feel so good.

Mommy is available for any and all fetish role play.

Mommy Candy


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