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September 5, 2020
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Pinching Those Pathetic Little Peepees!
September 6, 2020

Hi babies! My ABDL nursery has been just bursting at the seams lately with the new arrival of so many adult baby and diaper lover cuties who are in such desperate need of a real mommy to take care of them! Although with each and every new baby that I take on, it does mean more work and responsibility for this mommy, I can never say no to a baby in need! I will always make sure that I find a way to make room for any sweet little one who is wandering around trying to make it through this big huge world without the guidance of a loving mommy to help them through every day. I can’t imagine how scary and frustrating that must be for those poor little ones. That is why I make it my mission to completely dedicate myself and devote my time and love to those babies who need me. I make sure to provide those little cuties with everything that they will need. I know that all babies have a different way of learning, and that they all need unique types of love and attention, but luckily I am one versatile and patient mommy, and I am more than happy and willing to make sure that each baby’s specific needs are taken care of! Have no fear when this mommy is here!
Come chat with the phone sex mommies!
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