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Diaper Domination with Stepmom Tawny
September 26, 2020
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Diaper Change In Front Of Everyone!
September 28, 2020

I have been doing some thinking during this past week, and I just really felt like the sissy babies out there deserved some extra love this week. Being an ABDL is unique enough, but many people, especially if they are outsiders looking in to our lifestyle, seem to neglect the sissy side of the lifestyle. I wish that these little sweeties got more attention than they do, and I wish that more people were aware that such precious little people exist out there! A hot milf like me gets to take care of so many different types of little ones, each and every one of them are special and different! The personalities that come in such a small package are so large! All of them have their own preferences and favorites, and it is a mommy’s job to do whatever it takes to make sure that they are well taken care of and each of their needs met. Sissy babies can be a much more involved type of little one to take care of, and any experienced mommy is well aware of this fact before they take on a brand new sissy baby in their care! Sissies are more often than not, very sweet and adorable little things. Sometimes, like with any type of baby, they do have an attitude problem and a predisposition for getting into and causing all sorts of trouble for mommy to clean up! Perhaps one of the most dramatic differences between sissy babies is the way that they react to humiliation tactics. For some of my sissy babies, they cry and plead with me to rethink my punishment when they have acted up and it is time to go for a walk. These are very special types of walks, and we make sure to go through the whole neighborhood nice and slow so that all of our neighbors get a good look at my little one. They are all dressed up in frilly, lacy dresses or skirts, not too short but short enough that the doubled up thick disposable diapers are visibly swaying and sagging between their legs. Yep, mommy doubled up those disposable diapers and then waited until they were nice and full and stinky before we took our walk. We have to make sure that my babies draw as much attention to themselves as possible! Other types of my sissy babies just love it when mommy takes them out on these special walks. They have a desperate need to be humiliated, dominated, and constantly reminded that they are lesser than mommy, below mommy, and must rely on mommy fully in order to live and survive. Despite their differences, this mommy can accommodate whatever my sissy babies need with a smile and a bit wet kiss! I am so thankful that no two babies are the same, because their unique personalities shine through so bright, and it is amazing!

Mommy Candy
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