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Sissy Penelope Serves the Best Way She Can! (Part 1)
January 28, 2023
Diapered For Mommy’s Pleasure
February 20, 2023




Someone thought they were being a sneaky little one.  When mommy wasn’t looking, you took off your diaper.  Not only that but you just couldn’t keep your hands off your peepee and now you have made it hard and throbbing.  Mommy should punish you for being a bad boy.

Instead, mommy is going to watch you as you continue touching yourself and your hard peepee.  Now you’re not allowed to stop, mommy wants to see you make a big sticky mess.  Mommy wants to see you explode and cum all over.  Show mommy how good it feels to rub your peepee and balls while mommy watches.

Mommy watches as pre-cum starts to dribble out the tip and down the sides of your twitching peepee.  Soon your hands and fingers are slick and sticky.  Little pants and moans escape your mouth as you get closer to cumming for mommy.

You look to mommy for help, but mommy just watches.  You couldn’t wait for mommy or for mommy’s permission, so now you get no help from mommy.  You don’t get to feel mommy’s soft hands wrap around your hard peepee, you don’t get to have mommy stroke you and rub you.  This time mommy is just going to enjoy the show.

You wanted to be a naughty adult baby and start without mommy, so now you get to do it all by yourself.  And as mommy watches you will clean up your sticky mess as well.  You will lick every creamy drop from your fingers and swallow it for mommy.

Open your mouth and say ahhh, show mommy you swallowed it all.  After watching you play, mommy is feeling a little wet herself.  Now that you are done cleaning up yourself, you can clean mommy.  You can lift mommy’s skirt and lick mommy’s glistening wet pussy.

It’s only fair you clean up all your messes.  Mommy wouldn’t be wet with pussy juices if you hadn’t of been a naughty diaper boy.  Watching you jerk your peepee and make a sticky cummies, made mommy excited.  And very wet also.  And now you need to fix that.

And if you do a good job, you will make mommy squirt down your throat and all over your face.  After all this sticky fun, it might be best to take a nice warm bath.  We can soak in the tub and enjoy the warm water, as we clean the cum from our bodies.

Once done, mommy will get out and wrap you in a towel as mommy puts on one of her soft thick robes.  After mommy dries you off, mommy will lay you down on the bed and get you powdered and diapered back up.  Then you can cuddle with mommy and take a nice long nap.

Mommy will keep you warm and safe in her arms.  Mommy is always here for you.  Mommy Candy is just a call away anytime night or day.  Just pick up that phone and call when you’re ready to play.

Mommy Candy




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