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December 20, 2018
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December 23, 2018

A big black W on the chart, and a sniffling, red bottomed boarder in the corner. That was the way ABDL StaceyJaney did things at her boarding house! When her boarders moved in, she always instructed them to leave one corner of the room empty. And once they inevitably messed up in some way, and needed that old-fashioned maternal discipline, she obliged. First with a hairbrush applied to the “seat of the problem,” literally, and then some time to contemplate things in the corner.  Most boarders were younger, so this worked well especially with them. Her favorites though were like the one she observed right now. He had wet his bed once, and she caught him. Naturally she came up with a way to help him … a bedwetting star chart. Also, to protect her own investments, a plastic cover on the mattress. She did so enjoy hearing them turn over in their sleep, plastic rustling beneath them. She hadn’t regressed any all the way down to a crib …. YET.  But she DID regress them to Adult diapers. This one would be getting his first diaper in a few minutes, after his corner time. When a W had to go on the chart, they would be spanked. Always bare bottom, always over her knee. Always until they cried – that is cathartic. If 6 Ws appeared on the chart in any given calendar month, it meant they were going back to diapers for the rest of the month. The way out of diapers after that was two weeks of dry diapers. Nobody ever made it. But this boarder, she had special plans for! He was smaller than the others … he would fit into little girl clothes off the rack. And he would be getting them!! This one she was going to take back to diapers during the day as well. She would slip in bottles before long, and a pacifier. A bib for meals was just practical. And she was sure – this one was going to be the first one to go into the crib that she had in her own bedroom, all ready for the one she chose to be her  Adult baby … for life.



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