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July 23, 2018
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August 2, 2018
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Mommy Liz’s Little Sissy!

Women pulling men balls and squeezing balls in hand

I want to make a bet with you, ABDL Stacey. I want to compare your little clittie to my strap-on dildo, see which one is longer and thicker! The winner can do whatever they want to the loser! That’s not fair? I suppose not, but that’s really your fault. If you were a real man, if you had a real man’s cock there wouldn’t be a chance of my winning that bet. Since I will, though, why don’t you just go on ahead and get on your hands and knees, present your tight sissy pussy for inspection and use. I will pull your clittie back between your legs and laugh at the useless little thing in my hands. Will it even get hard while I fuck you? I would be surprised if it did! Ready for your sissy humiliation? All you have to do is call me so I can give you your sissy mistress phonesex!



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