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May 23, 2017
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August 12, 2017
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Mommy Masterbates Diaper Boy

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It was late at night and my little baby boy just wouldn’t lay down to sleep. I tried to read him a book, The Runaway Bunny, but that didn’t help. Next I sang a lullaby, then two. But nothing helped my adult baby settle down. He just kept crying and fussing without an end in sight. We got up to play with his legos. I was hopping he would wear himself out then pass out. After an hour I noticed a smell coming from my little boy. “Honey what is that smell?” He turned a bright red and mumbled under his breath, “I wet myself mommy.” I made him lay down so I could change that wet dirty diaper, but as I started to open the tabs I felt something stiff in my little one’s diaper. “Honey? Did wetting your diaper make your pee pee hard?” I asked. If possible my diaper fetish boy got even redder blushing all the way down his chest. “Yes mommy, the warm wet diaper makes me so hard. Can you help me mommy?” I just smiled as the thought of helping my little one cream his wet diaper made my pussy tingle and start to drip. “Of course I will help you sweetie, mommy always will.” I pushed his legs open and started to rub that hard pee pee through that soaking wet diaper. He was moaning while his legs were twitching, so I wrapped my fingers around his little cock as best I could though the diaper and stared to pump that dick. Listening to the crinkle and squish of that diaper as I pumped that little dick made my pussy so much wetter. Knowing I was being a bad mommy and masturbating my little one in a dirty diaper. I wanted to make him cream so hard that he would pass out and fall asleep for the night. So I slipped my other hand into the leg of his diaper and stared to rub his little anus with my finger making my little boy moan even harder. “Want mommy to stick her finger inside? Want mommy to finger fuck your little bottom while she rubs your little pee pee in your dirty diaper?” My little boy couldn’t even talk any more and just stated to moan “yes mommy, please mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy” over and over. I thrust my finger into his little bottom as fast and hard as I could speeding up my hand over his little cock. Cum for mommy baby, cum hard and lots, mommy wants to clean her little boy up and taste all his yummy cream.” His panting got harder and faster until his little body stiffened up and he yelled “MOMMY!” I could feel his pee pee pumping out all his cream as he passed out cold. Being the good mommy I am, I opened that diaper and cleaned my little one up with my tongue to get all of his cream off of his skin. Then put a fresh clean diaper on his bottom with lots of baby powder. My little one is a bit too big for mommy to pick up and carry so I pulled his blanket and pillows out of his crib and tucked him in right on the floor of his nursery. Mommy had so much fun getting her little one to sleep tonight, she should do it again.

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