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October 14, 2020
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October 16, 2020

Hi again my sweet little ones! This mommy has been very busy this week tending to all of the unique needs of my adult baby diaper lover cuties! Day to day, I usually know what sort of things that my day will entail, but there are times when life throws me a nice little surprise to spice up my day, and that is just what happened to me a few days ago… I had gotten out of bed that morning with a strange flutter in my stomach, and I had a weird feeling that it was going to be one of those special surprise days! I love when I have that feeling… It gives me such hope and optimism for the hours ahead! I practically skipped to the kitchen with those butterflies flapping away in my stomach and did my best to eat some breakfast, but it was so hard to do when I felt like jumping for joy! I took a quick shower after forcing down a few bites of cereal, and then I headed out the door. I really had no idea where I was going or what my plan was, but the babies were still sleeping, and my amazing co-mommy friend was in the area and happy to keep an eye on my sweet loves while I went out and about to find out what this day had to offer me! I was just walking down the sidewalk enjoying the sunshine and listening to the sounds of the world around me, when I started to walk beside the fence that surrounds the local park. I was admiring the sight of the pond and fountain that the park has to offer, when I suddenly heard the sound of soft cries from nearby. Of course my ABDL Mommy instincts kicked in and I sprang into action, fully alert and seeking out the source of the sound. I stepped carefully and quietly, eyes narrowed as I looked all around and finally my mouth dropped open when I saw what was making those heartbreaking cries… There were three teenage diaper girls cuddled up together behind a wall of bushes! I felt those butterflies go crazy inside my stomach and I knew that this is exactly what life was sending in my direction today. I crept closer and knelt down on the blanket next to them, watching their eyes widen and their tears slow as they made room for their new mommy. I snuggled close and held them tight, feeling them relax into my chest and kiss my neck, so happy and aroused at being so close to a mommy who they already knew would give them all of the love and care that they would ever want or need. Days like these keep me going, as I write this watching my three sweet baby girls snuggle each other and sleep soundly, at peace finally.

Mommy Candy

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