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May 24, 2021
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May 28, 2021

sissyColton knew that he was supposed to keep his diaper on when he slept but for some reason, it was as if he had some sort of sleep moving issue – he would rip it off and fling it on the floor all while sleeping.  This made no sense to me as I never heard of such a condition so I said to myself that he must be making this up.  I just believe that he was doing all of this to be difficult and to give me a hard time cleaning up his messy crib after a hard day’s work.  I know that he loved diapers as he has had a diaper fetish  for a long time and the only issue that I have with him is that he keeps taking it off in his sleep! I mean… who does that?

I know he loves to be treated a baby and that is how I treat him. He gets to wear his diapers all around the house and play and sing and dance and all of this is mandatory ageplay that he needs to do in order to balance himself out.  In his other life – or his non-abdl adult life he manages a staff of 400 people at his investment firm and having to be in control all day takes his toll.  The only way for him to have some balance in his life is to come home to me and be the baby that he was meant to be.

But this “taking off the diaper in his sleep thing” was getting so out of control that I thought to myself that the only way that this was going to get taken care of was if I humiliated him.  He needs diaper humiliation and that is exactly what I was going to do to him.

I purposely placed him in a new diaper and had him piss and shit in it.  I then had him sit in it for a few hours and the stench was absolutely unbearable.  He begged and pleaded for me to change him and I refused and to add insult to injury I opened up a small part of his diaper and placed a spoon inside of it and scooped out some poop and fed it to him.  He was horrified but I made him eat it up and swallow it all down.

After his tummy could not take it anymore, he vomited inside of his mouth and I made him spit it out instead of keeping it in his mouth and swallowing it down. After he cried his eyes out he told me that he is going to be a good baby from now and not cause any trouble.  And that night that he slept I made sure to check on him periodically and to my surprise he slept like a baby and kept his diaper on the entire night. In the morning – he was rewarded with a new diaper change and a full serving of breast milk to fill his hungry little tummy.



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