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Public Wetting Humiliation
October 18, 2020
To My Mommy Scarlet From Diaper Darren
October 23, 2020


medical fetishIt’s time for an inspection of your pathetic genitals, as it has been a long time since ABDL Stacey Scarlet was able to check everything.  As you know, you need to disrobe and get on top of the medical hospital bed. After you’ve climbed on top of the bed on your back, you will place your legs in the butterfly straps and remain spread-eagled for Mommy.  I turned on a lamp in addition to the room light in order for see everything nice and clear. My my my, what a sight? Mommy is staring at your cock and balls in her face with a bright light on and Mommy is able to see every single crevice, wrinkle and pimple.  First Mommy is going to grab your smooth and shaved testicles and massage them in my fingers  I am going to feel them for a few minutes to check to see if there are any lumps and bumps.  Mommy Scarlet feels how tight and fleshy that they are.  The ball sack hangs just enough between your legs and when Mommy lifts them up and release them they drop down and jiggle just a little bit like jelly.  Now, Mommy is going to squeeze your balls even tighter and I need for you to cough for me three times.  Ahh, that’s a very good boy.  Now it is time to check that flaccid cock of yours so I can ascertain what potential problems are going on beneath it.  Let me know how you feel when I squeeze your penis.  I am observing the veins and I notice that the more I inspect your cock the bigger and hard it grows.  This is a very healthy reaction and I also notice that there is a puddle of clear and sticky pre-cum collecting at the tip of your cock.  I need to collect some of your dick’s liquid in order to make sure that you are secreting a nice and healthy liquid.  So, this Q-tip is going to be inserted about 2 inches into your penis so I will need for you to take a deep breath as I push the Q-tip into your erect cock.  This is a mandatory step for your exam as it is part of your cock and ball torture session for this exam. Your body appears to tremble as I push the foreign object deep inside of your dick, but you just need to calm yourself down so I can continue the medical exam.  Now, I am going to test the pain tolerance of your cock, so just take a few breaths while I connect a binder clip to your penis.  I see that tears are falling down your face but this is nothing to be teary eyed and concerned about as this is a normal medical procedure.  I now need to test your penis’s girth – and this would require for me to insert a few needles inside of the penis’s shaft.  Very good that I see the penis handling this very well though it is getting quite sweaty and bloody for this process.  As I conclude this penile exam, I will have to tie up the dick with shoe laces very tightly in order for it to be squeezed in entirety so it can be blood red and I can see that it is able to do that.  Now I need to spread open your anus to see what is inside and these forceps will do just fine.  You appear to be moving around a bit too much so I will have to restrain your legs to the bed in order for you to remain still.  Now that you are immobile, I am going to utilize the forceps again and I see that you anus has been stretched to capacity and I will insert an enema with a gallon of water and you will  have to hold it in for about an hour.  To ensure that all remains inside of you, this butt plug will remain in there for the hour and this strip of duct tape will cover your mouth until the hour has passed as there will be no screaming at all during this medical exam.  This massager will be used on your stomach to break up any impacted fecal matter that may have lodged itself inside of your colon walls, so just take deep breaths as I apply moderate force to your stomach while I knead your tummy like dough.  Now that the hour has passed you will be unrestrained and you will squat over this bucket to release all of your bowels and this will be collected and studied and you will be informed of the results as soon as I leave the room to utilize my microscope.  As I checked the contents it appears that you have a severe case of parasitic worms so you will have to tolerate the final part of this exam and that will include this bottle of grinded up raw garlic bits that will be stuffed into your asshole with this turkey baster.  I almost finished with stuffing all of the raw garlic into your ass and you will keep the butt plug in your anus for 24 hours and after that time you may release your bowels.  This concludes your exam for the day and I will expect to see you next month for a follow up examination.  Do enjoy the rest of your day and kindly inform all of your family and friends to book their sadistic and intrusive medical examination with Sadistic Mommy Domme Scarlet as soon as possible by calling 1-888-430-2010.



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