A Little Diaper Fun
October 2, 2022
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Amanda’s Therapist Makes Her An Adult Baby
October 6, 2022



Mommy Uses Her Toys: Not only does mommy love to use her toys on her little ones, but she also loves to play with them herself. Especially after mommy has made her abies squirt over and over. After some naughty diaper sex, mommy needs some relief as well.

Mommy waits until all her babies are down for nap time, then mommy gets out her favorite toy. Mommy slides her thong to the side, exposing her hungry twat. All the little ridges and bumps feel so good sliding in and out of mommy’s belly.

Between fucking myself with the throbbing sex toy and rubbing my sensitive clitoral area, it’s not long before mommy’s pussy starts spasming. Mommy lets out a low moan so as not to wake her little ones. Clenching her thighs together tightly.

Mommy can feel the pussy juice as it drips from mommy’s aroused vagina. Mommy uses it to lube the toy as she slides it up and down between her pussy lips and ass cheeks. Mommy can’t help herself as a loud moan slips past her lips.

Mommy closes her eyes and arches her back as she begins fucking herself harder and faster. Mommy hears a noise, causing her eyes to snap open. As mommy finally focuses on her surroundings, she notices that her playing has woken her adult babies.

Oopsies, mommy’s bad. Mommy looks up at all of you and smiles dreamily. Mommy also notices that everyone else is now diaperless as well. It looks like it’s time for fun for everyone. Mommy opens her arms and beckons for everyone to join her in some yummy fun.

Mommy laughs as everyone scrambles to lay with and on mommy. Mommy’s pussyjuices glisten as mommy spreads her legs open wide. Mommy has eager holes ready to be filled, and now there are very eager little ones to help do just that.

Mommy soon has her mouth, pussycat, ass, and each hand busy with a little one in some way or another. Mommy and her sisters are soon wet and sticky from all their fun and mischief. Mommy is definitely satiated after all that sexual play.

And by the looks of all the sticky, cumulus-covered bodies strewn about the bedroom floor, mommy would say that so did all her sweet babies as well. Now it’s clean-up time. Mommy has just the thing for that. Mommy goes into the other room and lets her sweet little “puppy” out of their playpen/kennel.

Mommy pets the top of your head and tells you to follow mommy; mommy has a surprise treat for you. As we get to the bedroom, you see all the yummy cuds that need to be licked up. You crawl around on all fours and get started quickly.

Such a good boy, lapping up all that mess. Mommy sits on the edge of the bed, legs spread, wet puss waiting to get licked clean. When you’re all done, mommy will give you a very special treat for doing such a good job. Mommy reaches out and grasps your hard peepee.

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