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May 15, 2022
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May 22, 2022


Mommy Will Make You Her Little Bitch: I am a phone sex milf, and I will make you my little bitch. Mommy Candy will strip you of all your boy clothes and make you into mommy’s naughty sissy girl. You will enjoy every moment of the degradation, and you will beg for more from mommy.

Through feminization phone sex, mommy will break you, then make you into a sexy little slut. You will become a cocky cunt who can’t get enough. And luckily for you, mommy has a very big selection of toys and strap-ons that will work perfectly. Mommy will stretch you, fuck you, and use you over and over.

You will crawl to mommy on your hands and knees, looking up at mommy with lust in your eyes. Mommy will make you choke on her cock as she shoves it into your eager mouth. That’s a good little cocksucker! Mommy just loves to see you slobber all over that hard dick.

Once you get it nice and wet, dripping with your spittle, mommy is going to get behind you and pull your little dress up. Then, before you can even take a breath, mommy will slam into your little faggot pussy. You’ll barely have time to adjust to the girth stretching you before mommy grabs your hips and begins plowing into you from behind.In and out, in and out, making you moan like the little whore you are.

Incestuous phone sex is perfect. Mommy will take such good care of her little ones. Mommy will make you into her personal fuck toy. You will belong to Mommy. Whether boy or girl, son or daughter, mommy will fuck you all. All holes look good when filled with mommy’s many chicks.

Once mommy makes you explode and make a sticky mess everywhere, mommy will make you clean it all up. You will lick every drop of cum up—from mommy, from mommy’s dick, from the floor, and from yourself. You will hoover it all up, like a good little sucker.

Then you will serve mommy. Mommy’s pussycat and ass will need a thorough licking. Get that tongue deep inside mommy. Make mommy squirt all over your face. Your face will glisten with mommy’s pussyjuice. And if you are lucky, mommy will let you clean up.

Most of the time, though, mommy will expect you to let it dry on your face. So, you can enjoy the smell and taste of mommy throughout the day. Every time you lick your lips, you will taste mommy’s lingering twat residue. And it will make your little clitty dick jump in excitement and anticipation for what will come next.

You are Mommy’s from now until forever. Mommy will make sure everyone knows who you belong to. Whom you serve, who you obey Mommy will have so much fun using you for her pleasure. Mommy’s pussy will be constantly wet and dripping.

And like a good little slave, you will keep mommy cleaned up. Your face is buried between mommy’s thighs at all times, except when mommy bends you over and fucks you hard.

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