Play For Mommy
August 7, 2022
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August 8, 2022



Mommy Will Milk You of Your Sticky Cummies: Come crawl up into the bed next to mommy. Lay down beside mommy and relax as mommy opens your diaper. Mommy plays with your peep until it gets nice and hard for mommy. Mommy just loves rubbing your peepee and feeling it grow.

As you throb in mommy’s fist, mommy strokes the length of your twitching cock. Sliding her hand up and down, she picked up speed and squeezed a little tighter. Mommy is going to milk that cow and empty those cumin-filled balls.

Mommy loves masturbating you in your diaper; it catches all the mess and makes for easy clean up. Plus, mommy gets to hear the crinkle of your diaper as you hump against her hand. And the little groans that emanate from you are music to mommy’s ears.

Your hips start lifting, trying to get more of mommy’s hand on more of your peepee. Mommy jerks your dick faster and harder, making you mewl like a kitten. You are putty in mommy’s hands, and soon you will be cupping on mommy’s hand.

Mommy slides her hand up and down from balls to head, paying close attention to that dripping slit. Watching the pre-cum bubble and ooze out of your pee hole. When it starts to drip down the shaft, mommy smiles and licks her lips. Which causes you to involuntarily jerk, imagining mommy’s mouth and tongue on your peepee.

Mommy leans down slightly and tightens her grasp on your throbbing cock as she lightly blows across the wet tip. Making you moan loudly. Mommy laughs huskily and starts stroking you faster. Mommy is going to make you explode all over.

That hard, smooth dickey feels so good in mommy’s hand. Mommy’s fingers tremble slightly as she caresses your cumbersome balls. Feeling how heavy they are. Feeling how tight they are. Feeling them quiver with each brush of mommy’s fingers.

Mommy’s good diaper The boy just loves when mommy plays with his peepee. Mommy knows how much you enjoy crawling into bed next to her for our special time. Mommy also knows that you work so much harder when Mommy helps you.

And mommy also enjoys helping you make sticky cookies. It makes mommy smile, knowing that mommy made you feel so good. And judging by all those moans coming from your mouth, mommy is making you feel really good.

Mommy starts jerking your cock harder and faster, feeling your hips rise off the bed. Mommy sees your toes curl and knows it isn’t long now until you cry hard for Mommy. Mommy tightens her grip, twisting slightly. Mommy leans towards you and whispers in your ear. “Cum for mommy, cum now!

You stiffen, then your cock goes off, shooting hot, sticky cum all over mommy’s hand. Good boy!

Would you like to be a good boy for mommy and make stickers for her too? If you answered yes, then give mommy a call and let mommy milk you dry of all your creamy, sticky cum. Yum Yum! Click Here

Mommy Candy


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