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Mommy Will Take Good Care of You: Through ABD hypnosis, mommy will make you her sweet little diaper baby. You will regress back to being a helpless baby that needs mommy’s care and full attention. Mommy will bathe you and lay you down so you can be lotioned, powdered, and diapered.

Abdl Mommy Candy just loves her little adult baby. You will be taken very good care of. Mommy will hold you and rock you; mommy will nurse you and snuggle you. Mommy will check that little diapered booty often to see if the baby has filled their cute little diaper.

As mommy pats your back and coos to you, you will suck on mommy’s nipple, filling that little belly up so you can fill your little diaper up. Mommy just loves to watch you curled against Mom as you wrap your lips around Mom’s booby.

Mommy’s warm, sweet milk squirts into your mouth as you greedily suck. Such a hungry little cutie. Mommy wipes a dab of milk from the corner of your mouth with her thumb. As you continue to nurse, mommy slides her hand over you. Rubbing your back, patting your diapered bottom, and then squeezing the front of your diaper.

As mommy squeezes your diaper, you flex your hips, humping against mommy’s palm. Oh, someone likes the feel of mommy’s hand on their diapered peepee. Mommy smiles and stifles a giggle as she puts more pressure on your diaper.

Soon, the baby is rocking harder and faster against mommy and her hand. Little moans escape from around mommy’s nipple as you get more and more excited. Your little hips are going crazy, humping harder and harder. That’s it, baby; that’s what diapers are for—for all of baby’s messes.

Mommy loves it when you fill your diaper, especially with sticky gummies for her. Hearing your groans and gasps as you get closer and closer to squirting a creamy mess in your diaper on mommy’s lap. Mommy’s hand feels so good pressed against your throbbing peepee, squeezing and rubbing it, making it twitch and drip.

I can feel the warmth spreading under my hand as you finally explode. That salty, sticky mess filling your diaper for mommy Mommy holds you tight as your body finally relaxes after such a powerful orgasm. Mommy cradles you as you calm down from your cuddling.

Mommy Candy is always available for ABC chat and play. Mommy is ready to take care of all your needs anytime, day or night. Mommy will take very good care of you; that is a promise. You will be mommy’s little diapered adult baby, and you will enjoy every moment of it.

Come visit mommy in the phone a mommy chat room, or even better yet, give mommy a call, and we can have so much fun. Mommy likes any and all fetishes. Mommy is here for all your desires. Nothing is off limits, and nothing is considered taboo. Everything is welcome here.

So, pick up that phone and give Mommy a call, and let’s get started on that good time. Click Here

Abdl Mommy Candy


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