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January 31, 2021
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Using ABDL Hypnosis Techniques On My Diaper Boy
February 1, 2021


I love being a hot MILF to my abdl son. He needs me as his abdl mommy because I tease him so much. I love having fun with him in my own special way.  As we sit here lounging on the deck in my backyard, I purposely wore a see-through tank top and a short skirt and I will bend over so he could have a peek of my sweet goodness underneath.  I see his eyes strain to look up under my skirt and I slowly stand up straight so that his view was limited.

I hear him as he mumbles little expletives under his breath and I pretend not to notice.  He wants me so baldly that is hurts.  I offer him some lemonade to drink and I purposely spilled some of it on the crotch of his pants.  I apologize and with planned instinct I take a napkin to blot off his wet crotch and it got his cock hard.  I know he wants me and I think it is time to take advantage of the situation.

He was so embarrassed and I told him to relax and take a deep breath in and out and focus on my chain.  I waved it back and forth in front of his face while he breathed in and out and he had no idea that he was  a subject of abdl hypnosis. I wanted him to relax and be under my command and he was quickly slipping under my spell.

I unzipped his pants which were already wet from the lemonade and took my hand to grab on his cock.  It was beautiful that I needed to sit on it.  I took his cock with my left hand and directed it inside of my cunt and as it slipped in I kept whispering in his ear various suggestions.

I said to him “You will always make your cock available for mommy.” “Mommy’s cunt is super sweet.” “Mommy is the only pussy that I will ever want.” “I will make Mommy in charge of me because I am a baby and cannot manage on my own without Mommy.”

He was hypnotized fully without realizing it as I suggested things to him with hypnotic abdl chat and I was elated as his cock felt so very good inside of my cunt. Riding my son’s cock while he sat on the lounge chair on the deck in our backyard while I sat on top of him with his cock inside of my cunt.

I wondered which one of the neighbors could see us or even hear us and if we will get caught or if we were being recorded. All of those naughty possibilities crossed my mind as I continued to ride my son’s cock like a pony.  I took out my tongue and instead of whispering more commands ad suggestions in his ear I decided to lick his ear instead.

The feeling of his ear being licked with my warm and wet tongue while my warm ad wet pussy increased his excitement.  His boy tensed up and he held his breath and threw back his head and I felt his cum shoot out so hard that it slammed itself up against my vaginal walls.



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