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April 10, 2022
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Auntie Brenda Gives Her Boy A Creamy Treat!
April 12, 2022


Mommy’s Little Sissy Cuck: Come crawl up into mommy’s lap and let me tell you some abdl sissy stories. This one mommy is going to tell you first is about mommy’s pretty little princess Patty. Patty was a quiet little one who always seemed timid and shy but was very curious about all the little girls.

Mommy could see the look of infatuation in his face every time he looked at any of the girls. It wasn’t one of lust but rather of envy. His boy’s clothes were plain and drab compared to all their pretty little outfits and dresses. Mommy watched him smile and blush as he pretended in the mirror.

The mirror in the corner of the Abdl nursery was right next to the dresser of play clothes, and he was spotted numerous times playing in the princess dresses. After watching and observing him for many weeks, mommy decided to make all his dreams come true.

Mommy had Patty come sit with her in one of the other rooms to have a little talk. Mommy told Patty what she had noticed, and when Patty only blushed and looked away instead of arguing, mommy knew she had him right where she wanted him. And mommy wanted him out of those boys clothes and into a cute little diaper and then a pretty pink dress.

Patty wanted to be a girl so bad that mommy was making all her wishes come true. Mommy was making Patty into the proper diapered cuckold she deserved to be. Now Patty is mommy’s little diapered sister to play with and take care of. Mommy will be in charge, and mommy will be the only one allowed to remove that diaper unless mommy says otherwise.

And whatever mommy says goes. No questions were asked, and no arguments were given. Mommy will have Patty to play with and dress up as she pleases. And when Mommy has special surprises for Patty, she will gratefully watch and be a good little cuckold.

Watch mommy get fucked by a real man. Watch mommy get pleasured by a big fat dick as he pounds mommy’s pussy hard and fast. Mommy looks over at you and licks her lips as she moans loudly right before she squirts pussy juices everywhere.

Mommy loves to watch you squirm from the corner as you watch it all. Mommy doesn’t know if you are more jealous of her or of him. You definitely have your eyes glued to that wet, dripping cock as it slides in and out of mommy’s soaked pussy.

To hear more stories, call Mommy Candy anytime, night or day, and let mommy regale you with cock-raising, pussydrenching tales. Let mommy make you her special little one. Let mommy take all control and take you on a great adventure.

Mommy likes it all, and Mommy will gladly role-play any scenario you desire. Mommy will make all your fantasies come true for a little while anyway. So, pick up that phone and get swept away from reality. Click Here

Mommy Candy


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