October 1, 2008
What We Believed as Children
October 14, 2008

MOMMY SUE has been very busy settling in her new house. I sure do miss having my abies to care for so I have a very special nursery all set up with all your favorite things and some not so favorite things for my naughty abies. Best of all, the nursery connects to MOMMY SUE’s bedroom, but I’d better not catch you sneaking in there, or else !

I’m still saving up for my most treasured wish…..a huge Rocking Horse big enough for MOMMY SUE and abie to ride together. Doesn’t that sound like fun? I have the perfect big window to put it in front of, so it’ll be just like riding a real horsey outside. What a special playtime treat for my good abies!

Do you have a treasured wish too? MOMMY SUE would love hear all about it !

MOMMY SUE also made sure I put a big, high fence around the yard so those nosy neighbors can’t peek in when we go outside to play in the big yard. We’ll have so much fun playing fun games like hide and seek and peek a boo, playing in the sandbox or swinging on the swings. Won’t you tell me what games you’d like to play while we’re outside? MOMMY SUE loves to learn new games.

Don’t worry, MOMMY SUE always carries her big diaper bag outside for her little bity abies so if you make a big squishy mess in your pants, MOMMY SUE can do what she loves best and clean your dirty little bottom making you all fresh and clean again so we can play some more. But, if MOMMY SUE is Potty Training, you’d better not make a mess until I say so I’ll have to spank your dirty bottom!!


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