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Spankings For The Panty Thief!
November 29, 2020
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Seasons Beatings, Santa!
December 5, 2020


I love potty training little ones, it makes me feel good that they are trying to become little adults!! but I also love training them because it gives me a chance to see everything I may not be able to see later, or maybe what I may be getting myself into!! I know you will just love to let momfuck you later. just to see you hold your little wee wee to aim in the toilet, or maybe you want Mommie to help you aim it because you may not know to yet… I bet you like the way mommies hands feel on it, just like how much Mommie loves to feel all over your little wee wee too.

I know you have been a good boy in your diaper not using in it, But that’s got me wondering? are you hiding diapers round here? do you know now how to change your diaper? you haven’t messed or even pee in your diaper for about a week now !! should mommy be happy she doesn’t have to change any more poopy diapers, Mommie doesn’t want her little baby to grow up fast, so Mommie gives it another week to see if you are actually going in the toilet, or maybe hiding them?  but just one-day Mommie caught me off guard!! she got me hiding my diapers in my toy box and putting a new one on.

I knew it, I knew you weren’t potty trained that fast, you were paying close attention to Mommie as she changed your diaper and you started doing it your self so Mommie can feel happy she is raising a big boy, but no I don’t want you to be my big boy yet I still want you to be my little baby boy, so you know what the means? Mommie can give you a ABDL Stacey. Mommie will gather all your dirty diapers and each diaper I see and count will equal to a dirty little secret mom gets to do to you!!! but Mommie counts way too many diapers, she just lays me down brings all of these little toys in, and doesn’t even explain to me what they even are. Mommie starts looking at the toys picks on up turns me around and lubes up my butt slowly pushing in a plug it feels like!! OUCH!!! it didn’t hurt that much when you were hiding your diapers, did it?

she then grabs another toy flips me over and tells me to open my mouth and it wrapped around my head and a ball that went in my mouth, I guess it keeps me quite so Mommie can do whatever she wants to me without me talking!! Mommie then begins to spank me with a paddle that says bad boy on it, leaving bad boy prints on my butt, she flips me over to start rubbing my wee wee up and down telling me how bad of a boy I have been for hiding all them dirty diapers everywhere, so now she gets what she wants out of me with no complaints….. all of a sudden a load of white cream comes out of my little wee wee and Mommie seems very happy she ends up putting it in some type of test tube? and walks out? what did she do with that test tube I have no idea but I’m very interested in finding out, maybe after a nap ill go looking for it?

ABDL Mommy Barbie


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