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July 10, 2021
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sissy dressNaila loves to call me on the adult phone entertainment line and and when she does we have the absolute best time.  She always wanted to dress up when she was younger but it was not always met with approval from her father; who was both a man’s man and and strict disciplinarian. Still, she acknowledges that she was born a boy and she never felt that was who she was so she decided that she was going to be Naila in secret and she held it inside of her for years.  She shared with me that she wanted to be able to express herself when she was younger but the place and the space just did not allow it.  But when she calls me, Aunt Brenda – her phone sex milf she loves to roleplay that she is my daughter and we she is who I will have incest phone sex with.

When she first called me – it was a pleasure for me to introduce her to the world of being a sissy. Times truly have changed because a couple of decades ago one had to lie, hide and deny that thy were sissies, but in these times it acceptable. Naila with her pretty face and body, makes her or not  just any sissy, she was destined to be mine.  I arranged a nice collection of items on the bed for her and I could not wait for her to be adorned in them. A pretty baby doll dress that was decorated in frills and lace was what I knew would look great on her.  She listened to me, as we spoke the night before and I discovered that she was hairy and not smooth.  I had her use a hair remover on her body and she became smoother as can be.

Not, she complimented the pretty pink baby doll dress that I placed on her pretty sissy body, followed by a matching pink panty.  The way her face lit up in joy and happiness made it evident that she was living in not just the moment – but it was her moment.  I inspected her hands and her feet and I saw that they were perfectly manicured and pedicured and I reach to my dresser and asked her which color of mail polish do you think will work best. She picked a pretty pink color and we spent sometime making sure that her toes and nails were done.  Looking at her lips curl up when she would dry each polished fingernail one a time, turned me on immensely.

Naila is sweet and once she has finished spending an ordinary day with me playing dress – up, it is time now for our most favorite part of the evening  and that is when we both indulge in feminization phone sex.  This type of sex is so amazing and so wonderful because you are participating in various acts where the foundation of it is built and centered around being feminized.  When we lay together in unison in my bed in my head, we explore and enjoy each other’s company. I taste her and she does the same for me. The feeling of touching each other’s shaved genitals while we trail out fingers down between our sweet thighs and suckle is such an incredible feeling.  Naila is my sissy – but that does not stop her from being my lover – as a matter of fact, it enhances it. I will kiss her, touch her and tease her to my delight and I won’t ever stop until I am good and ready.

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Aunt Brenda


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