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February 19, 2022
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February 27, 2022

Mommy's Sexy LooksNaughty Abdl Amanda Gets A Spanking!: My bottom is still sore right now because Daddy spanked me and embarrassed me in front of his friends for no good reason! Well, he may have had one or two reasons, but they still weren’t good ones. I mean, yes, I was being a bit of a bratty adult baby, maybe, and I did kind of show out in front of company, but I wasn’t that bad. Whatever I did wasn’t bad enough to get a bare-bottom spanking in front of everyone, it wasn’t! It definitely wasn’t worth getting humiliated; I know that for sure. I wanted Daddy’s attention, that was all. All day long he was getting things ready, making sure the grill was prepped, doing this and that to make sure that everything was good before anyone showed up, and he didn’t have any time for me. I didn’t think that was fair at all and started to get a bit fussy, pouting and all, but he was still too busy and just gave me a pat on the head! I wasn’t getting what I wanted, and he hadn’t even made me cum once, so I may have overreacted just a smidge.

All his friends showed up, everyone was having a good time, and everyone kept patting me on the head! I was wearing an adorable little dress; I had my hair up in pigtails; my diaper was pink and extra cute; and I was getting nothing but head pats. Me and Daddy had played with all of those men before; they all knew how much I loved to be naughty, but they were too busy to play with me. So, I may have had a teensy-weensy little meltdown right in the living room. I’ve thrown worse tantrums, for sure, but not in front of Daddy’s friends like that, and he did not appreciate that. I wasn’t on the floor, kicking and screaming, for very long before he had grabbed me up, telling me that my bratty infantilism wasn’t going to cut it. He had my diaper down on his lap with me draped over it before I knew it, and his firm hand was coming down hard on my bottom. I screamed and cried and wiggled, but Daddy wasn’t stopping, and soon enough I was just sobbing, telling him I was going to be a good girl, please stop, I’ll be good!

He finally set me on my feet again, pulled my diaper back up, and watched me for a bit while I sniffled and wiped my tears. Then he cupped the front of my diaper in front of everyone and told me he knew what the problem was. He handed me a pillow off the couch and told me to get on my knees and hump it! I was so humiliated, but I knew that saying no would have me back on his lap again, so I went ahead and did what he told me to do. What made it even worse is that I came in probably not even two minutes, and everyone just laughed at me. I learned my lesson not to misbehave that day… at least for a bit! Would you like to chat with me? Call anytime for some ab/dl phone sex! Click Here

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