Old granny As Baby Child In Diaper With Teddy Bear
Adult Diaper Training With Mommy
October 22, 2019
Hot Sexy Man Shows of Close Up Boy With Pacifier
Diapered for Mommy
October 28, 2019
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(first part) Turns out, Mommy was going to make him regret deciding to streak in front of her friends when he was supposed to be in bed.  She pulled him down across her lap and started to spank him in front of everyone! Since his diaper and onesie were both on the nursery floor, she gave him a bare-bottom spanking that started stinging right then. He hollered and cried, but all the ladies just giggled about him getting just what he needed, and Mommy berated him constantly, telling him how naughty he was, how much he had embarrassed her. By the time she marched him back to his nursery, his face was streaked with tears and snot, and he was sniffling non-stop.  She put him back in his abdl diaper and his onesie, wiped his face with a warm rag, and told him that she still loved. He got back in his crib and feel asleep finally with the sound of the ladies softly talking. Is that the kind of Mommy you would like? Call me so we can have some roleplay phone sex to work out all those ideas!



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