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Denise’s Punishment
October 11, 2020
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October 12, 2020

Lately I have been seeing a surge of some very, very naughty little babies and it has got me frustrated to no end! There are far too many bad abdl cuties out there who are causing a whole world of trouble and extra nonsense for their mommies and stepmommies to have to deal with! A mature milf like me has lived too long and has put up with enough trouble makers to know that anyone can be turned around if they are simply put with the right person for the job! All of you trouble making babies out there can stop your search for a mommy who is ready and skilled enough to take care of you and keep you in line. Strict punishment and rules, as well as humiliation tactics and public torture are just a few of  the tricks that this strict abdl stepmommy keeps up her sleeve. I pull out all of the stops when it comes to dealing with troublesome babies. There is no baby too naughty for me to have whipped back into shape in what will seem like no time. I know that most of the time when a baby constantly acts out like this, it is simply because they are missing something in their life and are so desperate to have someone notice and provide whatever it is that they are missing. More often than not, what they are missing is actually just the thing that they seem like they do not want: structure, discipline, and control by their mommy. Babies are helpless and rely so much on their mommy to make sure that they are being taught and cared for in the best possible way for their health and well being. Not every mommy out there has the ability or the desire to have to put their foot down, or their hand for a nice hard spanking when a little one dares to talk back or throw a tantrum for no reason. Many mommies prefer to be the firm but loving and compassionate caregiver. There are plenty of different parenting styles and no style is right or wrong compared to another, but when it comes to straightening out the attitudes and lives of these naughty little babies, a stepmommy like me is just the woman for the job. Believe me, there has not been a baby that I have been able to get my hands on that has come out the other side acting up the way they did when I got them. Strict, no nonsense, and ready to deal out harsh punishment when needed? These are a few keys to success in my line of work training and disciplining these naughty little babies who like to give their mommies such hell over trying to take care of them! Where would you even be without a mommy to take care of you like she does, hm?

Stepmommy Tawny
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