mommy or mistress
January 24, 2008
The sissification of a naughty boy
January 30, 2008

Well it seems the longer I’m a teacher the more I
learn. I used to think that this job was mostly about
meeting the needs of the little ones, but I’m finding that
they meet my needs as well. A lot of times I will just
have all kinds of stress going on in my life, but when
I get to school these young bright minds look to me
for guidance and love. I feel a responsibility to give
the acceptance and loving guidance that often times
they just don’t find in the world. This special
lifestyle we share is rejected by many who tend to look
down. My babies know that when they come to me
I will give them lots of love and acceptance, and try
very hard to meet and understand their needs, and the love I give
has been returned a hundred times over. This
brings me great happiness knowing I can be a positive
part of their lives in this way. So it’s pretty plain to see
I need my babies as much as they need me

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