Cuckold forced to lick cum from sex with Threesome
Cuckolded Fantasy
July 15, 2019
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Feeding And Playing With My Abdl
July 18, 2019

When you picked me up for this date I had high hopes, our text banter had been fun and flirty and there was even that tipsy night of ABDL Stacey. Dinner was lovely but when we were dancing and I wanted to get close you kept moving your hips away from me, not letting me near whatever you were hiding under your pants. When you asked me back to your place I made sure to grab the special ‘overnight’ bag I keep in my car, and wouldn’t you know it- my suspicions that you might need exactly what I have hidden in here were oh so right! I mean, look at you. We were making out on the couch, hot and heavy when I pinned you down and ripped your pants down, exposing your tiny secret. You don’t have a real man’s cock at all! That shrunken hairless nub you call a dick belongs in an adult baby diaper, not my pretty pussy!


Mommy Jackie


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