Diaper Rubs
July 22, 2018
Women pulling men balls and squeezing balls in hand
Mommy Liz’s Little Sissy!
July 28, 2018

Nurse Janey stops spanking, and takes your ankles, which gives ABDL Stacey. Tawny the chance now to spank you. She doesn’t start out softly – it is full force and fast right from the start. Now the pink turns red, and you find yourself actually crying. Again they switch places, and now Nurse Janey has a thick wooden hairbrush! This feels like a dozen bee stings all at once, and now you are bawling and wiggling. Ms. Tawny has to hold your legs with both hands. The brush is handed over to her, and she makes sure your upper legs don’t feel left out! When the spanking is finally finished, a lecture commences. Your  ABDL Stacey is tightly taped up during this, and then you are instructed to stand in a corner.In order to find a suitable empty corner, you must leave the exam room – clad in only your diaper Call me for some ABDL Stacey



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