A Little Milk for Us Both
September 18, 2022
When Baby Needs To Play
September 25, 2022



Oh Oh Someone Is Excited: Oh my, someone got so excited he ripped through his pants. That peepee couldn’t wait any longer for mommy’s attention. Well, since it’s out and it’s hard, mommy might as well take advantage of the situation. But first, mommy has to tease you before pleasing you.

Mommy laughs at your predicament, making fun of your little peepee and watching it twitch and throb. Be a good diaper boy and make your peepee bounce for mommy. Show mommy how excited you are. If you want mommy to play with you, then you have to earn it.

Make that little cock dance for mommy. Give mommy a show if you want mommy to make it blow. Mommy laughs at you as she wraps her hand around your hard dick. Then mommy starts to slowly slide her hand up and down the length of your shaft, from tip to diaper.

Mommy just loves hearing the groans that escape from your parted lips as mommy pumps your peepee faster. Squeezing and twisting slightly with each stroke. Watching as the pre-cum starts to ooze and drip down the length of your excited peepee.

Mommy slides her hand over your sticky goo and uses it to glide her hand smoothly and easier along your erection. Mommy leans forward and blows a wisp of breath over your glistening slit, causing you to tremble slightly with chills. Mommy smiles and starts stroking your hard-on even faster.

As your hips start moving, trying to thrust your dripping peepee closer to mommy’s mouth and face, mommy slides her tongue out. Mommy feels you tense up, waiting to feel the tip of mommy’s tongue dip into your sticky slit. Mommy leans forward slowly, getting closer and closer.

Then mommy dips into your wet slit, tasting your pre-cum. Just a taste, and then mommy pulls back quickly. Hearing your exasperated gasp makes mommy laugh. Mommy looks over at you and winks, then starts rubbing your peepee harder and faster.

Mommy is going to make you explode all over mommy’s hand and your diapered crotch. Mommy is going to milk every drop of cum from your balls. Mommy is going to drain you and make you beg for more. Being an adult baby means you have no choice but to do as mommy says.

And being an abdl mommy is the best. Mommy makes the rules, and then mommy gets to enforce them. Mommy decides on punishments and rewards, depending on the baby. You belong to mommy now. And mommy will take full advantage of that.

So be a good baby and call mommy today to play. Mommy will be waiting for you, so don’t make Mommy wait too long. Get comfortable and pick up that phone. And mommy likes it all, so give mommy a call and let mommy make all your fantasies come true.

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