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The Petticoat Punishment That You Need
June 27, 2019
Adult Man Wearing the baby diaper and lying on the bed
Abdl Humiliated By Being Back In Diapers
July 1, 2019

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You think that I do not know about your fetish for all things silky and lacy. The thing is, I am an adult baby mommy, so I am always the one doing the laundry. That means that no piece of clothing goes through this house without my knowing about it. Which is unfortunate for you, since you went out and tried to secretly buy a few sets of silky bras and panties. I  have plenty of cute pairs of undies, but I knew that these were not mine, and you should have seen the look on your face when I brought it up to you! You looked so guilty, it only made my suspicions that much easier to confirm. Your cheeks went so red, your eyes dropped right to the floor, and you started shifting from side to side, mumbling excuses under your breath. You know how humiliating it is for a “man” like you to get caught enjoying how it feels to wear women’s underwear. It seems that this is a teachable moment, and I am going to take full advantage of that and make sure that you always remember the day I caught you being a sissy faggot! I am going to make sure that your peepee is diapered up from now on, nice and snug in some cute printed disposable diapers. Baby powder en masse to make sure you smell the part as well. Then we take your new panties and slide them up over that thickly padded diaper. It does not take long for me to notice that pathetic little lump starting to poke out from the front of your diaper. That little peepee must be getting excited from being dominated and forced into diapers and the panties you love so much. I know that all you really want at this point is for me to give you diaper sex, and you are desperate for it now, grabbing my hand and pulling it to rub at your diaper. Only good babies get rewarded, so you had better get your behavior in check if you want to make cummies for me!
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