A boy Wearing The Very Dirty leaky diaper
Abdl Shows Off His Messy Diapers!
July 26, 2021
Men Wearing The Dirty diaper with sitting To shows
Play Time With Mommy
August 1, 2021


Paris is a ddlg who loves to be naughty. Her daddy will tell her to do a specific thing and just to be disobedient she will not listen to him and do the opposite of what he said. She was told from her Daddy that she should not enjoy her punishments and that is when she asked him how he knew that she was enjoying her punishments.  That is when he told her that her pussy was leaking a ton of juices on his leg and she would giggle after he said that.  She was a natural born masochist and an abdl and spankings were what she loved the most.  Getting naked for Daddy and doing kinky things is what she felt she was meant to do.

Her Daddy knew that she was such a naughty girl that she would fuck the boys and even the girls in the neighborhood so he would subject her to daily pussy exams that he would conduct himself.  She would have to lay in her back, naked with her legs open and he would peel open her shaved pussy lips and look inside.  She never understood how he was able to decipher that  she was fucking around, but he always knew that she was being a whore in the neighborhood.  When he placed three fingers inside of her cunt with ease, he knew that it was too slippery, loser and not as tight so that told him that someone’s dick was inside of Paris’ pussy and it was not his.

Though he was a dominant who was very commanding, his cock was not that big – it was small.  It was as if he was trying to compensate by being a dominant and utilizing other means besides his cock to make her obey him.  One of his favorite things to do is to have Paris suck off her brother’s cock in front of him, that incest sex that he would watch would really turn him on.  He would not allow her to get fucked by her brother – as he was jealous as the brother had meaty cock and he didn’t. He would take out his own puny little cock and play with it because there was not much more that he could do with it because there wasn’t much there to begin with.  His dominant cock was the same size as a navel and he was fully aware of his shortcomings so he lived vicariously through his DDLG’s oral sex sessions.

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