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You Can’t Hide Your Dirty Diaper From Mommy!
November 10, 2019
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How Do You Like To Fill Your Diapers?
November 16, 2019
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You might be wondering about what I’ve spread across your bed right now. More than a little nervous as well, since on top of that frilly dress, the petticoat, and the stockings is the red and black pair of panties of mine that you had tucked under your mattress. Or you meant for them to be anyway, since I noticed a small bit of them poking out when I brought your clothes in here. I suppose that the last time you jacked off into them you didn’t push them in far enough… have dirty panty fetish, don’t you? So want you’re going to do is put on all these pretty clothes, and the crusty panties. Before you start your chores for the day dressed like a sissy maid, you are going to lay down with your dress up and your panties down for the spanking that you deserve for stealing my things and being so naughty with them! Call me for some sissified phone sex if this fantasy gets you excited!



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