Phillip Becomes Brenda's Sissy! (Part 1)
Phillip Becomes Brenda’s Sissy! (Part 1)
March 5, 2023
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Auntie Gives a Spanking and Gets a Lickin’! (Part 1)
March 9, 2023

(First part) He cleaned the room, dusted the furniture, and vacuumed the floor, all while wearing high heels. As I stood there, stunned by the sight before me, Robert turned around and gasped in surprise. He quickly hid behind the vacuum cleaner, but it was too late. I had already seen him in his maid’s outfit. “I… I didn’t know you were coming,” he stammered, clearly embarrassed and caught off guard. “Yes, I know,” I replied, amused by the sight before me. “Oh, Robert,” I said, my voice dripping with amusement. “I had no idea you had such… unique interests.” Robert’s face turned bright red as he tried to explain himself. “I just thought it would be fun to try something different,” he said, barely above a whisper. I couldn’t help but laugh at his feeble excuse. “Oh, don’t worry, Robert. I won’t tell anyone about your little secret,” I said, enjoying the power of knowing something embarrassing about someone else. “But,” I continued, a wicked glint in my eye. “I think we should have some fun with this. After all, you look adorable in that outfit.” Robert’s eyes widened in shock, and I could tell he was starting to get nervous. But I wasn’t going to let him off the hook that easily. I couldn’t resist teasing him about it. I kept touching him, running my hand over his thigh-high stockings and up his frilly apron, watching him squirm. Then I had an idea. I took out a cock ring that I had in my purse and put it on him, telling him that he couldn’t cum until I took it off. I kept running my hands over his body and playing with his cock. He begged and pleaded with me to let him finish, but I just laughed and told him to finish his chores. When he was done, I took off the cock ring and let him hump a pillow between his thighs while I sat and laughed at him. I teased him about his feminine attire, calling him a sissy and telling him I knew his secret. From that moment on, I had him wrapped around my finger. Every time Amanda was out of town, he would come to my house dressed in sissy clothes, ready to do my bidding. Robert and I continued to explore our newfound kink together. We would often role-play parent and child roles, with me as the strict mother and him as the obedient child. We sometimes wore diapers and other baby clothes while I scolded and punished him for misbehaving. We also explored bondage and domination, with me tying him up and spanking him for an hour or two. That wasn’t all; sometimes we also experimented with incestuous activities, where he would please me with his tongue and fingers, and I would do the same for him. This allowed us to explore our desires for each other safely and consensually. We also enjoyed watching adult videos together, which further aroused our passions and allowed us to explore our fantasies. Through all this, we built a strong bond of trust and intimacy that continues today.

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