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August 1, 2022
Mommy Will Milk You of Your Sticky Cummies
August 7, 2022



Play For Mommy: That’s right, baby girl, play for mommy. Rub that diapered pussy with your special toy. Get your diaper nice and wet with your pussy juices as you buzz against your crotch. Mommy loves to see you wiggle and squirm as you get more and more turned on.

The little gasps and moans that escape your little mouth excite mommy. Mommy enjoys watching you play with yourself. And when you open that diaper to get better access to your throbbing, swollen pussy, mommy smiles as you moan loudly.

Mommy can see your pussies open up, glistening with the dew of pussyjuice. Mommy’s baby girl just loves playing for mommy. And mommy loves watching you enjoy your play time. There’s nothing better than the sound of a happy baby.

And baby always sleeps so soundly after playing. All that squirting tires a little one out tremendously. Mommy can’t help but smirk when she sees you slump after cumming. Hearing your heavy breathing after a job well done

Your heart is racing, your brow is slightly damp with sweat, and your pretty little pussycat is dripping. Mommy makes her way over to you, removes the vibrator from your clenched fist, and lays you back flat to pull that sticky diaper out from under you.

Then mommy softly cleans you up, your sensitive pussy twitching with each swipe of the baby wipe. Your little sighs filled the room as you spread your legs wider for mommy. Such a good girl, always so helpful. Mommy is able to get all of baby cleaned up.

There’s nothing better than a fresh new pamper after some fun diaper masturbation. And having mommy watch you while you play makes it that much harder. Your little flower blossoms and opens up, looking so sweet and succulent.

Mommy can’t help herself; mommy leans down and swipes her tongue over your pretty pussy. Mommy’s little diaper girl tastes so yummy. Mommy pushes her tongue inside your quivering hole, making you melt and squeal at the same time.

You arch your back trying to get more of mommy’s tongue inside you. Silly Baby didn’t get enough earlier when you played. Mommy pushes her tongue in and out, tongue-fucking you. Causing you to beg mommy to make you cum again and again, over and over.

Mommy slides her finger inside your soaking diaper. Mommy’s tongue and finger are now fucking you. Making you moan and whimper, thrashing your head from side to side. As you get closer to cuddling, mommy starts to wiggle her finger from side to side.

Faster and faster, making you buck with intense pleasure. That’s it, baby girl; cum for mommy. Squirt those pussy juices all over mommy’s face. Let mommy taste your creamy goodness. Bathe mommy with your succulent juices.

Would you like to play for and/or with Mommy Candy? If so, call anytime you need a much-deserved release, and mommy will help you in every way possible. Mommy will make you cum over and over as needed. And make you beg for more. Click Here

Mommy Candy


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