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September 25, 2021
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Aunt Brenda’s Hot and Sexy Phone Sex Session With ABDL Brennon
October 2, 2021


I am playful Mommy Vicky and I have lot of toys, for both girls and also boys.  I like to play all day with my abdl babies, they are so much fun those sweet little babies.  I like to feed my sweet little ones, a bunch of milk and not cinnabons.  My sweet mommy milk is what you need to feel so full and also complete.  I will fill your belly til it is full. I will make you warmer than cotton or wool. Making you happy is what I want to do so just enjoy the pampering and coddling as you deserve it, you do. I am here to take care of you so stop worrying that you are weird or strange as that won’t do.  My sweet babies don’t be sad I am sure to make you glad.  I just want what is best for you, and that includes pacis and bottles and whatever else your little hearts desire, it so true. So relax and let Mommy Vicky play with you and make you age regress as far back as two. Call me at the Phoneamommy line which is 888-430-2010 so that I can play with you.  And don’t you dare keep me waiting as our time together is long overdue.



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