Nosey Neighbor
December 4, 2007
Having Fun With Old Men
December 11, 2007

I got to play with one of my favorite playmates yesterday. His mommy had to go out for a bit so, even though we are the same age, she put me in charge. I got to be a big girl and I wanted to play house, so I made him wear a diaper. At first he put up a protest, but as I was in charge he had to do what I said. After a bit, I think he really started to enjoy being a baby again. He got so relaxed that he made a messy in his diaper *giggles*. It’s a good thing I’ve been watching my mommy take care of her babies. I knew just what to do. I cleaned him up real good and put a nice fresh, thick diaper on him. Then he was a real happy baby. His mommy came home and was so tickled to find him in a diaper that she said she might put him in one more often. And she even said I could come over again and baby him some more.

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