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Stinky ABDL Boy!
September 2, 2017
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Diaper Shopping Phone Sex Part 1
September 4, 2017

It’s going to be fall soon, my sweet baby, so we need to enjoy the pool while we can. Let’s go ahead and be a little naughty and go skinny dipping today!  I’ll hold you against me, laughing and playing with you as you slap the water.  I’ll just giggle when I feel your hard baby pee pee rubbing against my wet skin.  If you have been a very good adult baby boy, I might even help you with your little problem!  I would cradle you even tighter against me, pressing your tummy to my breasts, so that your pee pee would slide right between them! You would feel them pressing all around you, water-slick and hot. You wouldn’t be able to stop rocking your little hips up against me, could you? Pressing up to your phone sex Mommy would feel to stop! Like to know what else I might do for you? Call me for your hot mommy phone sex!



Mommy phone sex

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