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Potty Training Humiliation!
November 1, 2020
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Stepmommy Tawny’s Diaper Cuckold Husband
November 8, 2020

Prissy Sissy Missy was so happy that it was Mommy and Me day as today she would be treated so special by Mommy Scarlet.  Being stuck in the house for weeks at some point started to take it’s toll.  All of the fun places that Prissy Sissy Missy would go to with her Dommy Mommy Scarlet were closed and it saddened Missy because she missed being pampered.  “No need to worry about that dear” said Mommy Scarlet as today we are going to get you all dolled up.  Mommy Scarlet and Prissy Sissy Missy sat in the couch while they applied face mud masks and spread it evenly all over their faces, being very careful to avoid their eyes and noses.  After 30 minutes, they took warm wash cloths ad wiped off the excess to reveal silky smooth and soft skin. “You are so very beautiful, dear Missy and Mommy wants to pamper you even more today” said Mommy Scarlet.  Then Mommy got up and placed two chilled sliced cucumbers on Missy’s closed eyes.  Missy felt so special as her worries just went away as she allowed the cucumbers to cool her tired eyes.  After a few minutes, Mommy Scarlet applied thin wax strips to Missy’s upper lip, side temples, cheeks and chin an removed any excess hair from Missy’s face to reveal even smoother and flawless skin.  She gave Missy a mirror to look at the process and Missy’s face lit up with such happiness and glee.  “Thank you so much, Mommy Scarlet for making me such a very pretty sissy” said Missy and Mommy Scarlet told her that she was far from done.  Mommy Scarlet then tweezed the fine hair between Missy’s brows and plucked and shaped her brows to open up an arch above her beautiful eyes.  She then applied a creamy moisturizing cream to Missy’s face and made sure to rub her face in upward circles in order to maintain her youthful skin and or it not to droop prematurely.  A lip balm scrub was then applied sparingly and rubbed frequently to remove all of the dead skin cells from Missy’s lips then a warm cloth was used to remove any excess.  Afterwards a lip treatment was used to ensure that Missy’s lips were so soft and baby smooth.  “Oh Dommy Mommy Scarlet, I look and feel so good!” Said Missy to Mommy Scarlet and then Mommy Scarlet shaved missy bald head even more to further reveal her beautiful face and long neck.  Then Mommy Scarlet took Missy to the full length mirror across the room, disrobed her and dressed her in the frilliest pink panty that Missy ever saw with a matching pink bra.  Missy was so ecstatic as she loved the way that the soft feminine undergarments felt against her skin and her pretty girl pussy.  Mommy reminded Missy that she is a beautiful princess and this is what a princess must wear at all times to feel beautiful then Missy smiled.  And to top it all off, Mommy dressed Missy in a beautiful, soft and frilly pink dress along with some matching dressy heels and Missy cried as never in her life has she ever experienced such beauty, staring back at her from Mommy Scarlet’s floor length mirror. Then afterwards, Mommy Scarlet had Prissy Sissy Missy dress up in heels, pretty skirts and tops and model for Mommy Scarlet for the rest of the day.



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