Adult Boy Wearing the messy wet dirty Diaper
You’re A Baby, Silly!
July 27, 2020
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To All the New ABDLs Who Need a Mommy
August 2, 2020

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My little ABDL Stacey and I finally returned to the gym for the first time, ever since being quarantined for the past three months. I dressed him in his pamper before we left the house. He had no idea what I had in store for him as he worked out on the exercise machines.  I walked over to him while he finished up his last set of reps with his biceps and I told him to accompany me to the water fountain.  As my little submissive, he is obedient and he listens.  I told him that because the gym is packed with so many people today he is going to enjoy some well needed humiliation. His face turned red in embarrassment and fear as he had no idea what Dommy Mommy Scarlet had up her sleeve.  I told him to take off his gym shorts and give them to me as he will be working out for the remainder of the day in his pamper for all to see.  He said, ‘But, Mommy Scarlet, they are going to kick me out of the gym.”  I told him, “The owner is a personal friend of mine who owes me a favor and he is well aware of this little stunt.”  Hesitantly, he gave me his gym shorts and he watched as everyone ogled him in his pampers. Some pointed and snickered in laughter to themselves, while some stared while frozen and in shock.  Many took out their phones to record him as I told him to resume his workout and he did while he profusely dripped sweat as he stood there in fear and humiliation. I then instructed him to take selfies of himself and upload it to social media. And when he thought that the nightmare would not get any worse, I told him that it is time for a pamper change.  The attendees of the gym all gathered around us in a circle as I told him to lay on the gym’s padded floor.  I took out a new pamper from my diaper bag and placed it on the treadmill next to me. I told him to open his legs and to place them in the air and he did. I then unfastened the tabs from his pampers then and I completely remove it in front of everyone.  Now everyone stared watching and staring at his penis.  In fear he started having spontaneous erections and many roared in laughter as is clitty cock went up and down like a see saw in a playground. I purposely delayed the pamper changing process to enhance his humiliation and this afforded the crowd gathered around us to grow even bigger. He had no choice but to tolerate the humiliating comments as there was absolutely no escape.  He heard a lady whisper to her girlfriend and she said, “Looks like he’s got some piss on his dick and it is all clammy and wet.” Then they both laughed.  He then heard a muscle bound guy say, “That is a pretty little cock, too bad it is too small and tiny for fucking.” Then he laughed along with his friends.  With so many comments and such intense embarrassment, even before I could change his pamper, as soon as I touched his penis with a baby wipe to clean it off, he violently erupted in cum all over the gym floor and everyone laughed.  I did not bother to change him, I just covered him back up in his already soiled abdl pamper and told him that it was time for us to go home.  And with his head slouched down in embarrassment, my little ABDL Stacey followed behind me like a little defeated lap dog and walked the hall of shame out of the gym and got into the car and we drove home.



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