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Phone Sex Domination
April 16, 2017
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Special Time With Abdl Mommy Phone Sex Part 1
April 16, 2017

Wake up! Wake up! Do you know what time it is? It’s time for our fun little outing to disney world! So let gets your Adult Diaper put on with some fresh baby powder to make you smell just like a wittle Adult baby! An now to slide on your pink plastic panties with your pretty petticoat and some nice tights to go beautiful with your dress! Don’t worry sweetie your abdl mommy has packed plenty of bottles for you!  And A bunch of pretty pink adult diapers! And I know how much you enjoy getting some spankings so I pack a whole bunch of fun things! So let’s get in the car it’s going to be a long drive so we will be stopping every so often to change you very full diapers!  And it’s a good possibility that someone will see me changing your adorable diapered bottom Aww Look at the face turn bright red! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex



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