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The Cutest Accessories for ABDLs
December 29, 2019
Girl Sitting To going the toilet in Potty Method
Abdl Toilet Training Humiliation
January 4, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I’ve just about had enough of all the cold and snow! I know you abdl’s out there in areas that are past a little nippy right now are ready for some warmer weather too. It needs to be t-shirt and a diaper weather for the abdl and sundress weather for abdl mommy. We will both be able to lounge in the shade, me in a hammock while you crawl off the blanket I laid down for your into the grass! Once you have worn yourself out it just might be time for you to lay in the hammock with me, letting the breeze keep us swaying side to side. I’m sure we would both have a lovely nap that way! Or maybe we could something a little more public, like a trip to the park where you just might get a diaper change right there in front of everyone… I do like to put that blush on your face. Call me for some adult baby phone sex to talk with me about what you would like to do.



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