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September 20, 2020
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September 22, 2020


abdl babyI spent a shit load of money for Roger’s education.  As my only son I of course want nothing but the best for him.  He was a stellar student until I started getting vague responses from him regarding his grades. I then decided to call the school and I was told that grades are confidential and cannot be shared with anyone.  So I hired a hacker who was able to give me the grades that I requested and to my dismay, Roger was failing all of his classes. In addition to failing all of his classes, his roommate filed a complain with dorm room housing that Roger is a chronic bed wetter and he never changes his sheets, so the dorm room that they both shared smelled like a fish market. Once I found out about this, I knew what had to be done. I jumped into my car and drove for many miles until I arrived at Roger’s school.  I was able to track down his exact location with the remote gps system that I had the hacker place on his cell phone which lead me to his dorm where he stood talking with a few friends in the hallway.  I arrived and as soon as he saw me he was shocked, he never had a chance to speak. I took out a copy of his grades from my diaper bag  and I told him that since he cannot take his grades seriously as a young adult should, it is time for me to force him back into wearing diapers. He protested and begged me not to do it to him but as he acts like such an adult baby I had no choice. I had him take all of his clothes off, immediately – right there in his dorm ‘s hallway while all of his college school mates watched and laughed and then he stood there stoic in his undies.  “Mom please don’t do this, I can’t bear to take this humiliation and embarrassment” he said.  I then walked over to him closer, took both of my hands and pulled his undies all the way down to his ankles.  Now he was fully exposed and naked in front of his classmates. He stood there horrified and I stepped away in order for everyone to get a closer look at his tiny pee pee and his balls.  I then said “If you are going to act like a baby, and be ABDL Stacey, you will leave me no choice but to treat you like one.” I then diapered him standing up in a white diaper with blue tabs and stuck a green pacifier in his mouth and told him to smile with it while I took a photo of it to show to his father and I told him to remain that way for the remainder of the day,  in order for him to learn his lesson.



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