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February 11, 2021
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February 12, 2021


After washing my pretty silk panties and bras and placing them in my dresser drawer, I would notice that there were a few of them missing. I did not understand where my panties and bras were going as I was the only cis female in the house along with my boyfriend and my son.

My curiosity peaked so I decided to look in various parts of the house, which led me to my son’s room. I searched through his drawers and saw nothing but then I saw a panty sticking out from under his mattress and I decided to flip the mattress.

I saw to my amazement most of my missing panties and bras and I called him at his hotel where he was in his room for his job’s offsite.  I told him that I knew about my missing panties and bras and I asked him what he was wearing and it if it was my white lacy choker panty and bra.

I could hear the shame, embarrassment and humiliation in his voice when he admitted that he had them and he was doing a series of poses like a fashion model in his hotel room while on a business trip. I told him that we are going to have a fun time.  I knew the joy, happiness and passion of having incest phone sex as I played around with it before with my niece and this time I wanted to experience it with my son.

I had him follow my instructions by being the hot and sexy phone sex milf. I told him to slip his hand in the white lacy panty and jerk himself off.  He was breathing so heavily on the phone and I could hear the pounding back and forth by either his elbow or his hand bumping up against something in his hotel room.

I heard him deliberately changing his voice on the phone to sound feminine and it was at that point that I decided to turn him from Sam into Sasha. I was determined to  engage him in feminization phone sex and I introduce him to the world of being a sissy.

I started referring to him as her and I referred to his clitty cock as a pussy. He had a pussy that was mines to play with anytime that I so desire. Sasha sounded so beautiful on the phone as she expressed soft and sweet moans the more I guided her to masturbate.

The turn on for us both was not just her touching her sweet pussy but I made her taste every drop of pre-cum that would collect at the tip and rub it on her fingers.  After I inquired how wet her fingers were with her own cum, she would have to lick them off then spread the panty to the side so she can position herself to insert her fingers in her tight asshole to fuck it.

I can only imagine how tight Sasha’s pretty ass was as I made her fuck herself repeatedly until I told her to stop.  When she was ready to cum, she had to bite down on her tongue as she creamed all over herself.

After our hot phone sex, Sasha tidied up herself and thanked me so much for the phone fuck session, and she eagerly awaited the continuation of the fucking as soon as she got home from her meeting.



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