Gay Fetish XXX Male Diaper Bondage Sex
Diaper Bondage With Mommy Jackie
August 23, 2019
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Sissy Humiliation Phone Sex
August 30, 2019
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What do you think you could do if I decided to put you under my control with some age regression hypnosis? The only correct answer there is absolutely nothing! How ever I do it, all it will take is a particular word or phrase that I’ve placed in your mind so that when you hear it, you start to act just like a baby. I will be able to watch the intelligence slip from you, watch your eyes light up as only a baby’s can at the sight of his Mommy! I’ll have to be quick about getting you into your abdl diaper and putting a bib around your neck. Little two-year-old you won’t be potty trained yet and you’ll already be blowing bubbles and drooling like a silly baby does. I’ll have you crawl in front of everyone to show how ridiculous you are! Call me for some abdl phone sex if this sounds like just what you need.



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