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Hello To All The Abdl Lurkers!
February 11, 2019
Nude Hottest Girl Masturbating And Having Orgasm
Would You Like To Watch Me Masturbate?
February 16, 2019


Oh, she was as sexy as  the hottest milf I have ever seen, but she was also well educated in Fem-domme, and filled in on all the details. She even added some ideas of her own!  So, all she had to do was wait til the right moment – the CEO could easily watch anybody’s computer to see what they were looking at; it was quite stupid of him to be so careless, really – and when she was alerted, barge in and catch him. Once he was caught, she scolded him like a naughty teenager, and he responded, looking so ashamed of himself.  “Well, I think we MIGHT be able to keep this a secret, but there will have to be some changes around here….” He looked at her with pleading eyes, almost begging, and she smiled. He was hooked. Had anybody walked into the office in the next half hour, they would have found any of the following happening – a usually well-dressed manager with his pressed suit pants down around his ankles, over the knee of his secretary getting a good, hard spanking. At one point, she even took off her shoe and spanked him with that. Or they may have found him sniffling in the corner, a bare red bottom sticking out. Or, they may have found the two in the process of the secretary putting her “boss” into thick  Adult diapers. Diapers just like he will be wearing to work from now on. His executive washroom privileges are revoked, as he must use his diapers. His secretary monitors his computer usage. And for lunch, he eats in his office …. in a high chair while wearing a bib, and commonly gets baby food and a bottle. He’s not yet aware that his wife not only KNOWS all about it, but helped plan it. But in the next week, she’s going to be walking in on yet another spanking his secretary will have to give him – he gets at least 3 a week – and his treatment will extend from work to home as well!



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