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November 20, 2022
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See What Happens When You Misbehave: Mommy will punish you if you are bad. Mommy likes to give spankings, and if you are naughty and need to be disciplined, mommy will make sure that little bottom of yours gets a good lashing. The sharp sting of each swat will cause you to gasp and hiss with pain.

When mommy spanks, she utilizes anything and everything within reach to blister that bottom. Sometimes mommy’s hand is just not enough. Depending on the severity of the crime will determine what kind of spanking you deserve. No matter what mommy uses, mommy wants to see that bottom darken and mommy wants to feel the welts as they swell and spread.

Once mommy is done with you, you won’t be sitting too well, and that bottom will be so sore and tender. Sometimes little ones need to be reminded of who is in charge. And mommy is always in charge! After a good spanking, mommy likes to rub her hand over that bruised bottom and feel the heat emanating from it.

It makes mommy smile and also makes mommy’s pussycat wet. Mommy hears your sniffles and sees the tears that roll down your cheeks. And mommy gets even more aroused. After the baby has been punished, mommy will wipe the tears from your face and gently rub your swollen backside.

Just because mommy might have to spank you at times, doesn’t mean mommy doesn’t still love you.  Mommy knows what’s best for you, and a good baby should do as mommy says. No ifs, ands, or buts. Unless it’s your bum getting paddled.

It might hurt, but mommy knows you also enjoy it when you get spanked by mommy. Mommy hears the whimpers and moans, and mommy sees how your body reacts, and you definitely can’t miss the puddle that forms under you with each smack.

Mommy isn’t the only one that gets wet and turned on when the baby gets punished. And let’s not forget: the harder, the better. Mommy wants to make sure you remember every spanking. Mommy knows that you relish the pain, as she has said many times; it hurts so good.

There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain, and mommy loves to make you straddle that line. The mixture of moans and groans is music to mommy’s ears. When you bite your lip to try to keep from screaming out loud, it makes mommy laugh. It never helps; there’s no stopping what sounds will escape your lips with each strike.

Have you been bad and need Mommy to spank that naughty little butt of yours? Don’t lie to Mommy; Mommy always knows. Mommy knows everything. And mommy will make sure you are punished extra if you do.  And mommy won’t be nice about it either.

Your yelps will be heard all the way outside. Everyone will know what a naughty little one you have been. And when they see you walking a little funny afterwards, they will definitely know. Mommy Candy will give you a proper spanking. Click Here

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