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October 16, 2020
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Sexy Facesitting Stepmom

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When it comes to relishing in the pure power trip and excitement that goes along with domination, I just can’t get enough… I may be the neighborhood abdl stepmom, but I do not have a single second to waste on games and nonsense, and my babies know it! I use strict rules and harsh punishments to keep my little ones in line, and they know better than to talk back to me once they get a taste of true punishment by my hand. Despite my rigid parenting style, I also know that when my babies are on their best behavior and behave in the way that I have taught them, that they deserve a taste of pleasure for their hard work to please their stepmommy. Now maybe it is because I spend so much time using a firm hand and punishing my little ones however I deem fit for the crime, but it seems that the babies in my care have come to just love it when I get them strapped down good and tight so that they can’t move no matter how hard they struggle and fight. The thing is… They don’t struggle and fight. In fact, when they know that they have been trying so hard lately to follow each and every one of mommy’s rules, and they know that they have stayed out of trouble, they see mommy go into the special closet at the end of the hall and pull out the thick leather straps, and those little pee pees start getting hard already! One of my most favorite ways to show my babies just how good that they have been being is by getting them strapped in good and tight into their abdl crib and stripping down right in front of them. Those little cocks start throbbing and I already see those little hips bucking into the air desperately at the sight of my tight mature pussy. When I saunter over to them, making sure my hips sway a little extra to tease them on the way, I have my panties in my hand ready to shove it right into their open mouth! They usually moan and close their eyes in ecstasy because they know that this particular move of mine means only one thing: facesitting. That’s right… Only my very best behaved babies get to actually taste this mommy’s sweet little pussy. But when they taste it, boy do they ever… I make sure to straddle them nice and wide, letting my pussy lips flare open so my clit is there just above their lips and ready to be licked and sucked. Those babies never let me down, knowing that if they do not please mommy that they will be severely punished… and never get this opportunity again! The best babies get to slurp on mommy’s hot wet pussy until they have me cumming all over their face!

Stepmommy Tawny
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