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December 30, 2018
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January 6, 2019

I was feeling a little sick the other day, and my ABDL Stacey knew right away that I wasn’t feeling good when she came to get me out of my crib and get the day started. I’m usually already up and ready to get out of my crib for my diaper change, but I was still asleep when she came into my nursery. She pressed her cool hands against my cheeks and forehead to feel how hot I was. Once she realized that I had come down with something, she did everything to make me nice and comfy. Homemade chicken soup, lots of warm bottles of milk and lots of comfy blankets to burrow into. Extra cuddles and kisses came my way all day long, and if I got too fussy some back scratches were all I needed to calm right down. Even though I didn’t feel good, I knew my Mommy was going to take care of me! Go ahead and call me to have some diaper girl phonesex!



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