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Christmas Morning
December 27, 2020
Sexy men wearing the Gothic Lolita Dress
Step Mommy Tawny’s Sissy Alia
January 2, 2021


My Sissy Amina loves pink and I could not wait to have her open the present that reflects her favorite color along with her favorite past time.  I watched her face light up when she opened the present that was wrapped in pink wrapping paper and when she saw what it was she almost fainted.  She is such a sweetheart and she deserved this beautiful gift of a pretty pink paddle.

Amina picked it up and looked and it and she knew that as her dommy mommy I was definitely going to do justice to her behind with the paddle.  She knew that when I punished her it is not necessarily that she did something wrong as yet, but her bottom is subject to future punishments and already knowing this, she happily assumed the position.

Amina seductively bent over my my bed, lifted up her frilly pink dress and pulled down her sheer pink stocking and stood there excitedly anticipating her next move.  I walked over to where she was while I was topless and wearing a pretty pink thong. I grabbed her light pink fluffy and frilly panty and pulled them off. I took the palm of my right hand and rubbed her soft ass cheeks gently then I pinched them.  Then I told her that it was time to administer pain from pretty pink paddle.

As a submissive sissy, Amina is also a masochist that loves pain.  She knows that I am a strict mommy and giving pain to her is both a pleasure and a priority. Whenever I would punish her, the happier she became. She is the true definition of a pain whore. I was enamored in spanking her behind with the pretty pink paddle and I thoroughly enjoyed it when she gasped with excitement.  I told her to savor that first spank because there is more to follow. Her mouth salivated and I noticed the plethora of tiny goosebumps on her ass. She was definitely getting excited.

She continuously begged me to please give her more and she arched her back in anticipation. I told her that she should be careful what she asked me for because it won’t be gentle. She chuckled and said that it would be an honor.  As soon as she was finished talking and before she continued, I used all of my might to spank her repeatedly for two minutes non-stop.

During her spanking she was moving her hips slightly from side to side. She knew exactly what she was doing  whenever I spanked her by moving around because her movement enabled  her clitty cock rubbing up against my bed to become erect and hard. I noticed a few droplets of pre-cum that escaped her prima donna pee hole had left a stain on my bed sheet.  I brought it to her attention and made her lick it off.

She licked off her cum from the bed sheet and then I made her turn around and lay her back on the bed and I proceeded to spank her clitty cock with the pretty pink paddle.  Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her prissy penis became engorged with blood and which point I grabbed her princess prick and jerked it off with my hand and ordered her to cum in it and I made her lick some of it off the palm of my hand and the rest I dabbed it over her face and gave her a cum facial.



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