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Fun in the Snow for an Abdl!
December 12, 2019
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Bed Time For My Abdl
December 19, 2019

Sissy babies sure are some silly babies, aren’t they? Now, there are some out there that feel just like a baby girl when they get put in their dresses and bonnets and pink princess diapers. They feel pretty and girly and wonderful in their baby girl clothes!  Some, though, put on those same dresses and doodads and diapers feeling absolutely ridiculous. They feel silly and embarrassed and humiliated… and love it! They love feeling that way, they love being told how silly and ridiculous and pathetic they are. They loved to be laughed at and mocked for their pretty things and the way they waddle in their thick princess abdl diapers. For some it’s even better in front of a bunch of pretty mommies, the ones that will smile sweetly while telling them how funny and absurd they are! Are you one of those silly sissy babies? You need to call for some sissy phone sex and tell me.



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